Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Finally Drywall!!

Since my last post a lot has happened. All the wiring has been completed for electrical and for my speaker and surround sound systems. The plumbing is also finished and everything has passed inspection. The fireplace failed the first inspection, but now it vents out the roof and it passed. The fireplace issue pushed the drywall workers back a week, but they came yesterday and finished the first phase today. They will start taping and mudding tomorrow and finish by the end of next week - fingers crossed.

This is very fun since the walls make it really look like a house and I can get a feel for the size of the rooms and how each place relates to the others.

The only bad news this week is that the brick I picked out - which is on a couple of the houses in the neighborhood - has been discontinued. I'm very sad because I LOVE that brick and it was an easy decision. Now, it's a hard decision since they don't really make anything too similar and it will have to be approved by the architectural review committee. I hope they like whatever I finally pick out! To be continued...

Below are pictures of different rooms with drywall. Some of them I haven't posted before, because they didn't look like much until today. Now you can tell what they look like. You can see a big box that's been framed out in the master closet. They had to put the HVAC return there. I figure I can use as a little table - maybe put a mirror over it.

Craft Room


Laundry Room

Kitchen/Dining Area

Master Closet

Master Bath

Dining Room


View from dining area to Living Room (l) and Kitchen (r)

Living Room 


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