Monday, June 24, 2013

Digging the Footings - June 21, 2003

After some issues with Richland County and their new permitting requirements, the lot was graded on June 18, 2013 and they dug the footings on June 21, 2013. This is what the lot looked like after they dug the footings.

Front View - they took down the left brick wall and some of the old footings were there any they removed them too.

 The left side of the house. It will attach to the neighbors wall in the back.

The dining room and the backyard. 

The front of the garage.

Front area of the house.

The right side of the house.

Signing of the Construction Loan - June 6, 2013

After a lot of waiting on the bank, I finally closed on the construction loan June 6, 2013. If you are in the Columbia, SC area I highly recommend my real estate lawyer Ken Hanson - his number is (803) 750-8335. I also have a very reputable builder named Nam Kim. His company is called KG Contracting and he does not have a Web site. I'm trying to change that! If you would like to contact him about new home construction or remodeling, his number is (803) 446-8786. 

Removing the Driveway - May 2013

After much discussion and consideration over what to do with the driveway, I decided to have it removed before construction. It was a large driveway and the new one will be just as wide so I should have plenty of room to back my car out of the garage and for several visitors to park there at the same time. This is what the lot looked like the day the driveway was removed. 

Purchasing the Lot - March 2013

I'm writing this blog to chronicle the building of my new home. I purchased the lot in March 2013. It is in a courtyard home community and there used to be another house here. It burned down several years ago and all that was left on the lot was the driveway and the electric and water hook-ups. This is what the lot looked like the day I purchased it. I also had tentatively finalized the house plan at this time. I've added pictures of the plan layout and the front elevation.

Front Elevation (after several other drafts were rejected by the HOA)

Final House Plan (hopefully)